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Almost everyone who has seen a hummingbird before can relate to a fascinating urge to see more! We think Hummingbirds are so fun that they deserve feeders just as fun so that's why we invented NectarGUARD© Feeders and TipsyBirds KITs with NectarGUARD© Technology. Our goal is a feeder that keeps your hummingbirds healthy, happy and sober!

We are wine lovers and over a glass or two one evening, a pair of the most amazing hummingbirds visited our back yard feeder (we had the cheap, plastic feeder you see at the stores). The birds were so amazing but our old drippy feeder was NOT amazing! It was then I decided that our boring old feeder had to go! But I didn't want to say goodbye to our hummingbirds, so I put my engineering cap on and went to work inventing a better hummingbird feeder. After many design improvements, I'm proud to make feeders that are fun, stylish and feed Hummingbirds, not bees, ants and bears.
(PS, we make Mother Nature happy with our 
NectarGUARD© repurposed wine bottles and our TipsyBirds KITs that let you recycle your own fun bottles).

It's "Bottoms Up" for this hummingbird, feeding from our 750ml Sail On Double-Shot Feeder.

How do they work?

Our NectarGUARD© Feeders don't allow oxygen to flow freely through the nectar reservoir like other feeders (which accelerates bacterial growth) so nectar doesn't ferment - and that keeps your hummies hummin instead of buzzin:) And we've designed our NectarGUARD© F
eeders with a colorful UV Wrap to help nectar stay cooler by shielding the nectar inside from the sun's direct heat. The result; birds don't burn their tongues sipping hot nectar! (Imagine yourself drinking from a water bottle left out in the sun for hours on a hot day. Yuck and ouch!) NectarGUARD© feeders also come with an exclusive, one-way valve hidden inside the flower that opens with the hummingbirds beak! It keeps nectar from dripping and keeps unwanted pests from hanging around your feeder! The result is a clean, safe and happy environment for you and your hummingbirds! Oh, one more thing, NectarGUARD© Feeders have a small perch built into the Red flower because we don't want large birds like woodpeckers visiting and damaging your feeder either. We believe hummingbird feeders should be designed for hummingbirds... period.

It's happy hour for this happy little hummingbird feeding from our 750ml USA Double-Shot feeder.

Our TipsyBirds KITs are our latest introduction to our product line and are the result of our customers asking for a DIY kit they could use to recycle their own fun bottles.

Send us a picture of a hummingbird feeding from your TipsyBirds or NectarGUARD© Feeder and we'll send you a coupon for a free packet of our own Cabernet SauvignYUMM Nectar:) We even may use your picture on our website!

The result of our Tipsy Birds project is a very cute and practical DIY feeder Kit that you can install in under a minute on just about any wine, beer, liquor or soda bottle! And, 9 out of 10 Hummingbirds agree; "We feel special sipping from a TipsyBirds Kit" (The 10th didn't comment... seems he was too happy humming). But please... don't fill any bottles with alcohol... only NECTAR!   Besides, it's just too darn hard to check their tiny ID's!

Fun Stuff

Hummingbirds are the only bird that can hover, fly backwards and even fly upside-down, which is what they do when they see a NectarGUARD© Feeder or a TipsyBirds KIT on a recycled bottle of Toasted Head Chardonnay. But seriously, their humming sound is made from the incredible rate of speed their wings make as they move through the air like tiny helicopter blades! Hummingbirds are aerodynamic marvels with a wing-beat of about 90 flaps per second, which is the fastest of all birds! But when they are out on a date; things really get humming! Their wing-beat can top 200 flaps per second! Such romantics... 
(that's why we need them to stay sober).

The Hummingbirds' metabolism is so active; they need to feed about every 10 minutes and need enormous amounts of sugar and insects every day. In fact, we would have to consume about 400 hamburgers a day (and a few stiff Martini's) just to keep up! They burn and replace 50% of their body weight every day… 
Now that's a workout routine!

The female lays 2 eggs and cares for the babies herself. New babies are about the size of a peanut and need to be fed every 15 minutes and that helps them grow to adult size very quickly. A full grown adult weighs about as much as a Quarter and they can live to be 9 years old.

Our 750ml Happy Day feeder looks great in any garden! It's available in Single-Shot and Double-Shot flower configurations.

Our Mission:

 Over 500 million bottles end their life-cycle in our landfills every year! 

When you purchase our NectarGUARD© Feeders or our TipsyBirds KIT's, you've made a "green" choice to turn a throw-away bottle into a super-cool Hummingbird Feeder...
so give yourself a hug - you just helped save the world! 

And we are a Made in America brand... How cool is that :) 
Get one or get a dozen; they make great gifts and conversation pieces - birthdays, hostess gifts, housewarmings, holidays and "Thank You's". The sky's the limit!

Questions & Answers for TipsyBirds KITs:

Q. How do I clean my TipsyBirds feeder?

A. Remove the feeder from the bottle, insert a toothpick into the hole in the flower and set the feeder stopper under a stream of running hot water for a few minutes. (The water should flow into the stopper tube and out of the feeding hole in the flower). after 1 minute, remove the feeder from the water and remove the toothpick and replace the feeder into the bottle.

Q. How do I stop my TipsyBirds feeder from dripping?

A. All feeders are susceptible to dripping but you can control the problem by making sure your bottle is full of Nectar before you hang it. That will insure the bottle develops a good vacuum. Keep an eye on it and top it up when you notice the fluid level is down. If you see dripping from the bottom, try tightening the white cap. If it still drips between the cap and the clear housing, a little Vaseline on the threads of the housing will create a seal. Then screw on the cap again.

Q. How long will it take before I see Hummingbirds at my feeder?

A. There is no guarantee Hummingbirds will feed (like you can’t guarantee you'll catch fish when you go fishing), but if you hang your bottle with fresh Nectar in a cool spot and wait... eventually they should show up and party.

Q. How do I make Nectar?

A. Mix 1 part white granulated sugar into 4 parts boiling water. Stir and let cool. Fill bottle and hang. Store excess Nectar in the fridge.

Q. How often should I clean my bottle and replace the Nectar?

A. Try to clean your recycled bottle TipsyBirds feeder when you refill it, and make sure the Nectar level is topped off to avoid dripping. Use clean Nectar made from 100% natural white sugar. If you own a TipsyBirds Kit with NectarGUARD© Technology, nectar lasts longer because of our unique design, so you can wait 2 weeks or more between cleaning cycles.

Q. How do I install the suction cup and Hang-Ring?

A. Peel the film off of the suction cup disc and center it on the bottom of your bottle. Then put your thumb in the center of the suction cup and press down firmly. That will express the air from the cavity and the cup should form a tight seal against the bottle. Once it's stuck in place, work out any air pockets with your thumb and you're done. Insert the ring and hang your feeder in a cool spot.
              Have a happy day from all of us at Hummingbird Vineyard here in Colorado.

Minimum quantity orders apply.

Please call 719-337-4011 M-F 8 AM to 5 PM MST or email support@hummingbirdvineyard.com for more information.

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