TipsyBirds KITs (Recycle your own bottle:)

It's easy to recycle any bottle with a TipsyBirds DIY Kit. Just attach the included hanger to your own bottle. Then add nectar. Then press the universal stopper on the feeder into the bottle and and hang it in a shady spot. Don't be surprized if your neighbour wanders over to see what you're feeding your hummingbirds:) Just don't fill bottles with wine or alchohol please - hummies don't travel with a designated driver!

TipsyBirds Non-Vented DIY Kit
Price: $24.95
TipsyBirds Non-Vented DIY Kit
Recycle your own wine, beer, liquor or soda bottle into a hilarious but high tech hummingbird feeder! Get FREE shipping on orders over $50.00!
Extra Flower DIY
Price: $17.95
Extra Flower DIY
Hungry Hummies? Add another Flower to your feeder!
TipsyBirds Vented DIY Kit
Price: $28.95
TipsyBirds Vented DIY Kit
Recommended for hot climates, the Vented feeder is the most advanced hummingbird feeder in Hummie-Land!

TipsyBirds are the best conversation piece... get ready to laugh out loud :)
                         But don't fill bottles with alcohol... only Nectar!      

TipsyBirds KIT'sTestimonials:
 "They're right! It was so easy to install!"   "I was crying from laughing so hard when a hummingbird started feeding from our Mountain Dew bottle!"   "Cool products! You guys should be on Shark Tank!"   "This is such a fun idea! We recycled 6 of our favorite wine bottles."  


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