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NectarGUARD: The worlds most advanced feeder 





Please beware of the fakes sold on amazon and other platforms. Authentic HummingbirdVineyard feeders are currently only sold on this website and Etsy

We are deeply saddened to announce that our beloved family business, its products and digital media have been counterfieted by unscrupulous companies on-line. They are using our images, text and videos to sell knock-off products that are extremely low in quality and do not have the same functionality as our NectarGuard feeders. We value the integrity of our company and products and will continue to make the worlds best hummingbird feeders for our customers and most importantly, the hummies.

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Welcome to Hummingbird Vineyard Inc., home of NectarGUARD©, the worlds’ most advanced Feeders and Kits!

What is the NectarGUARD advantage? It's all about keeping nectar fresh and cool so your Hummies stay healthy!

Why does nectar spoil so quickly? 

Everyone knows we seal our food instead of leaving it out in the open because it stays fresher longer! But hummingbird feeders are not sealed and that's why nectar goes bad so fast! All "other" hummingbird feeders have open holes for them to feed through, but these holes are like open doors that allow air to flow freely in and out of the nectar chamber! That air contains Oxygen which promotes Bacteria and germs to spoil the nectar making Hummies sick (or even die). These same feeding holes (open doors) allow nectar to drip out which attracts ants, bees, wasps, bears and other uninvited guests to the feeder!

The Solution:

We confronted these problems and used our engineering background to solve them. How? We shut the front door!


NectarGUARD technology virtually eliminates airflow through the nectar chamber with a brilliant one-way Feeding Valve hidden inside the flower that opens when the hummingbird inserts its beak to feed, and then closes again when they leave! Viola! 

NectarGUARD technology has literally “shut the front door” to the problems with feeders! The Feeding Valve promotes a lack of oxygen in the nectar chamber that starves bacteria which makes nectar last much longer, helping your Hummies stay healthy and happy (and a lot less cleaning and maintenance for you). Yay!

NectarGUARD is truly the world’s first ”HUMMINGBIRD’S ONLY” hummingbird feeder because only a hummingbirds beak can open the Feeding Valve so uninvited guests won’t hang around after they crash your party!

So why wait? Choose one of our colorful, over-engineered, ready-to-hang NectarGUARD Feeders or choose a NectarGUARD KIT and recycle your own fun bottles into the word's most advanced feeder. 

                                                    Check out this customer submitted video!