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Candy Apple

Candy Apple

SKU: 0001

"Its where they go to get the party humming!"


Witness the spectactular show of hummingbirds in the air with a Hummingbird Vineyard feeder! Our vibrant colored wraps and flowers are sure to attract curious hummies, and when they taste the nectar from a Hummingbird Vineyard feeder they're sure to come back for more! Thats because our feeders are made from upcycled wine bottles and use NecarGuard technology. The green glass in the wine bottles combined with the surrounding wrap reduce the nectars temperature and UV exposure, while the NectarGuard system keeps an airtight seal and limits bacterial contamination. Our feeders will keep nectar fresher, tastier and healthier for your birds for a much longer time than conventional hummingbird feeders. Plus, its hilarious to watch hummingbirds "get their drink on" from wine bottles :)

Big Flower Color
Small Flower Color
  • The NectarGuard Difference

    The NectarGuard system keeps the nectar in your feeder fresher for longer. A unique valve inside of the feeding flower keeps and airtight seal, like putting a cap on your drink instead of leaving it open all day. The valve can only be opened by the hummingbirds beak when they go to feed, and when the bird leaves the valve closes again, reducing contamination from oxygen and slowing bacteria growth. All you really need to know is that your birds will have tastier, healthier nectar and you will have to deal with less maintenance of your feeder. Its a win-win!

  • The Gift of Giving Discount

    Our feeders make exceptional gifts for friends, hummingbird lovers, wine lovers, those who have everything, and anyone else! Thats why we offer a discount for getting a little extra.

    Get 10% off when you spend $50 or more. Use code SAVE10

    Get 15% off when you spend $75 or more. Use code SAVE15

    Get 20% off when you spend $100 or more. Use code SAVE20

    And if you're planning on giving a gift to yourself, dont worry, we wont tell :)

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